Balance control is important for your health

Do you suffer from dizziness? Do you have falls? Do you feel giddy? There are numerous causes of imbalance, but a substantial percentage is due to a weakness or deficit brain function. The vestibular system delivers information about motion and your body’s position in space. At Coastline Chiropractic Centre we have purposefully designed facilities  with advanced and modern equipment.
The brain, inner ear, vision and sensation, consist of the systems that maintain balance. When one of these is impaired, the body experiences this misalliance of information as a feeling of imbalance.

Mainly knowledge of falls prevention and how they may affect a person’s level of engagement in daily activities, socialisation, and lifestyle is paramount for individuals with balance disorders.

Four Risks Factors of Falls

Some risk factors are obviously unavoidable – including age and gender. To limit your falls risk follow the four tips:

1. Unsafe Environments

Conditions that include dim or too glary lighting, no handrails on stairs, no grab bars inside and outside toilet/ shower, and stabilise throw rugs or carpet edges are a few examples that may lead to an increase in the risk of fall.

2. Visual health

The quality of vision can significantly challenge an individual with a risk of falling. Such that altered visual contrast, sensitivity, and depth perception are essential qualities that can be impaired increasing the falls risk.

3. Prescription drugs

Often polypharmacy places an older adult at higher risk for falling. Such that more that 4 prescribed medications can expose a greater falls risk. Ask the pharmacist or doctor to review all medications routinely and use a large font for the drug label, and make sure your patient understands what the instructions mean.

4. Balance health

The ability to simultaneously walk and perform a cognitive task can be impaired with some individuals. Also, the capacity to stabilise the eyes with body movement can be disturbed. A thorough vestibular and balance evaluation is imperative for such individuals.

There are many causes of balance problems. Its important to consult with your practitioner or medical neurologist prior.