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My Back hurts! – Acute back pain

Maintaining proper spinal function, staying active and with the help of beneficial chiropractic treatment may well be the best solution for your Acute Low Back Pain. If do experience acute back pain, you should consult with your doctor or chiropractor.

Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome a common cause for back pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction does tend to return. The main reason it is thought to recur is due to insufficient rehabilitation. Your chiropractor may recommend specific stretching or strengthening exercises, combined with regular chiropractic adjustments, to balance the alignment of your pelvis in the long term.

Referred pain syndrome

Often, the source of these pains is the spine, even when the pain is elsewhere. Referred pain is a real, common condition that can affect any part of the body. Referred pain is also a serious condition since it might not be getting the proper attention.

Tailbone pain

Our Chiropractor will conduct a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the cause of your Tailbone pain.

Backpack safety tips

Backpack Safety Tips for Kids Spinal Health… bought to you by Inner Vision Surf & Skate and Coastline Chiropractic.  Inner Vision Surf and Skate of Port Macquarie were kind enough to lend us their store and entire backpack range so we could provide you with some important tips on how your child can correctly carry […]

What’s your office sitting posture like?

Having healthy posture habits prevent common neck, shoulder and back problems and may also improve your mood and energy throughout the day. Here are some quick tips to help make sitting in front of a computer more comfortable: •Keep your monitor at eye level, and place your keyboard close to your body. •Sit in a […]

Exercise provides relief for Sciatica

Sciatica happens to be the largest nerve in the body. When this nerve become compressed or damaged due to any pressure, it can cause pain in the back. Medically this condition is called sciatica. One of the ways to treat it is through physical rehabilitation programs and individual exercises.

Arthritis treatment

Arthritis has many types, and there is no single cause or a group of causes to any of those conditions. The reasons can vary depending on the type of it. However, some of the most common or potential